The Cecil: The Journey Begins - Storyboard 1999 Era

John And Sarahs Story

John and Sarah's relationship was a beautiful blend of passion, creativity, and shared adventures. From the moment they met in college, their connection was undeniable. John, with his talent for painting, and Sarah, a gifted writer, found solace and inspiration in each other's artistic pursuits.

In their downtime, John and Sarah loved to explore hidden gems and dive into the realms of mystery and imagination. They were avid readers of supernatural tales, fascinated by the unexplained and drawn to haunted locations. Ghostly hauntings and paranormal phenomena were a common topic of conversation, fueling their sense of adventure and curiosity.

It was this shared fascination that led them to the Cecil Hotel. The stories surrounding its haunted history intrigued them, and they saw it as a thrilling opportunity to indulge in their shared interests. They believed that spending a few nights in the eerie ambiance of the hotel would not only provide an unforgettable experience but also inspire their creative endeavors.

Little did they know that their visit to the Cecil Hotel would surpass their wildest imaginations. The ghostly legends they admired from a distance would become a chilling reality, testing the strength of their relationship and their resilience in the face of unimaginable horrors.

With their love for each other and an unwavering spirit of adventure, John and Sarah entered the doors of the Cecil Hotel, blissfully unaware of the haunting journey that awaited them.

The Story Behind The Hotel

The Cecil Hotel, standing tall in the heart of the city, holds a dark and unsettling history. Over the years, it has become synonymous with mysterious disappearances, tragic deaths, and a lurking presence that sends shivers down the spines of those who dare to enter its doors.

Once an elegant establishment, the hotel's descent into darkness began decades ago when a series of unexplained deaths and macabre incidents stained its reputation. Rumors spread like wildfire about the hotel being cursed, attracting those fascinated by the supernatural and drawn to the allure of the unknown.

Legends grew around the Cecil Hotel, whispering tales of restless spirits trapped within its walls. Stories emerged of shadowy figures roaming the dimly lit corridors, ghostly whispers echoing through empty rooms, and the unsettling feeling of being watched even in the most secluded corners.

Despite attempts to revitalize the hotel, its ominous aura refused to fade. Over time, the Cecil Hotel became a place where lost souls seemed to converge, drawn by some inexplicable force to this haunting landmark.


Olivia Quinn:

Olivia Quinn cherished her work as a dedicated housekeeper at the Cecil Hotel. She took pride in ensuring guests had a memorable and comfortable stay. However, her life took a devastating turn when tragedy struck. A personal loss shook her to the core, leaving her heartbroken and seeking solace within the hotel's enigmatic embrace.

Consumed by grief, Olivia sought refuge in her work, spending more and more time within the hotel's walls. Late one fateful night, while toiling away in the shadows, she unwittingly became the target of Dr. Gene Zimmers, a malevolent force lurking in the depths of the Cecil.

Dr. Zimmers, driven by his twisted desires and drawn to Olivia's vulnerable state, seized the opportunity to carry out his sinister experiments. Unbeknownst to her, he subjected Olivia to cruel and invasive surgeries, robbing her of her innocence and corrupting her very essence. Her once bright spirit was consumed by darkness, and she became a pawn in Zimmers' wicked game.

Since that night, Olivia has been trapped within the hotel's haunted halls, a victim of both circumstance and the doctor's sinister machinations. Her love for the hotel turned into an eternal curse, forever bound to its malevolent presence. The grief that initially brought her to the hotel now lingers as a tormenting reminder of the horrors she has endured.

Raven back story 

Dr. Zimmer and Raven's father were once united by a shared vision for The Cecil Hotel. They saw its potential not just as a business investment but as a ground for their shared interest in the paranormal. Their partnership, however, took a dark turn when Zimmer's ambitions grew beyond mere ownership and into dominion over the hotel's mysterious energies.

Zimmer's Betrayal and Ascension

The Partnership: Initially, Zimmer and Raven's father worked together on plans to buy The Cecil Hotel, drawn by its infamous history and rumored supernatural occurrences. Their goal was to explore and possibly harness the hotel's energies for their own ends.

The Breakdown: Zimmer, harboring ulterior motives, decides that Raven's father is a hindrance to his true intentions. He plans a sinister plot to take complete control of the hotel and its dark secrets.

Murder of Raven's Father: In a calculated move, Zimmer orchestrates an "accident" that results in the death of Raven's father. This tragic event shocks the community and leaves Raven vulnerable. Zimmer uses this opportunity to solidify his hold over the hotel, manipulating the circumstances to his advantage.

Raven's Fate

Raven's Suspicions: Raven, devastated by her father's death, inherits his curiosity and skepticism. She begins to suspect foul play and quietly investigates Zimmer's actions and her father's untimely demise.

The Final Act: Realizing that Raven is close to uncovering the truth, Zimmer decides to eliminate her. Under the guise of a protective mentor, he lures her to a secluded part of the hotel, where he kills her to ensure his secrets remain buried. Raven's death, shrouded in mystery, becomes another dark chapter in the hotel's history.

Raymond Gatts:

Raymond Gatts, a hardworking butcher at the local shop in Westmount, had a routine life centered around his job and responsibilities as a single father. During the weekdays, he dedicated himself to providing for his two children, striving to give them a stable and comfortable life. However, on the weekends, Raymond sought respite from the demands of his role, venturing to the nearby Cecil Hotel for a brief escape.

The hotel, with its eerie ambiance and chilling history, provided a temporary refuge for Raymond during his time off. As a regular guest, he would check into a room and immerse himself in the solitude and anonymity the hotel offered. For those few days, he could set aside the weight of his obligations and indulge in a quiet retreat, a reprieve from the daily grind.

However, one weekend, while exploring some of the off-limit areas of the hotel out of sheer curiosity, Raymond mysteriously vanished without a trace. His sudden disappearance sent shockwaves through the community, leaving his children and neighbors bewildered and concerned.

Unbeknownst to Raymond, his foray into the forbidden corners of the hotel caught the attention of Dr. Gene Zimmers, a malevolent presence lurking within its walls. Driven by his own twisted agenda, Zimmers abducted Raymond, pulling him deeper into the dark secrets of the Cecil Hotel.

Within the hidden chambers of the hotel, Dr. Zimmers subjected Raymond to heinous surgeries, transforming him into a monstrous being fueled by dark impulses. Stripped of his former identity, Raymond became a pawn under Zimmers' control, forever lost within the malevolent clutches of the hotel's twisted past.

Dr. Gene Zimmers:

Dr. Gene Zimmers, a renowned surgeon and biologist, possessed a haunting past shrouded in mystery. While respected in his professional field, whispers swirled through the town of Westmount about his involvement in his wife's untimely demise. The community remained gripped by uncertainty, unable to definitively prove his guilt or innocence.

During this tumultuous period, Dr. Zimmers stumbled upon the Cecil Hotel in its pre-evil state. Drawn to the establishment's enigmatic allure, he became a frequent visitor, seeking solace and refuge from his troubled existence. However, his indulgence in excess and his descent into darkness soon tainted the hotel's atmosphere.

In the depths of his inner turmoil, Dr. Zimmers succumbed to a life of alcohol-fueled debauchery. Within the confines of his hotel room, he conducted disturbing rituals under the cover of night, unknowingly awakening dormant malevolent forces that had long slumbered within the hotel's walls.

As the hotel's once-innocent essence intertwined with Dr. Zimmers' own malevolence, a sinister symbiosis took hold. The rituals he performed unleashed a torrent of evil that corrupted the very fabric of the Cecil Hotel. Empowered by the darkness he had summoned, Dr. Zimmers embarked on a terrifying crime spree, preying upon unsuspecting guests who dared to venture into the hotel's treacherous domain.

Arnold Baker: TV HEAD

TV Head was once a respected television personality known as Arnold Baker, beloved by the residents of Westmount for his cheerful nature and positive demeanor. He hosted a popular children's show and was a beacon of joy and innocence in the community.

However, a chance visit to the Cecil Hotel marked the start of his tragic downfall. He had been invited to host a charity event at the hotel, an opportunity he eagerly accepted. Unbeknownst to him, his fame had caught the attention of the sinister Dr. Gene Zimmers, who saw in Arnold a potential pawn for his twisted experiments.

During the event, Arnold mysteriously vanished. Search parties were organized, and the community was engulfed in shock and despair, but all efforts to find him proved futile. In reality, Arnold had been kidnapped by Dr. Zimmers and subjected to a series of cruel experiments.

Dr. Zimmers implanted a grotesque television set onto Arnold's head, overriding his cognitive functions and transforming him into a mindless minion. This process was both physically and mentally excruciating, eradicating Arnold's once vibrant personality and replacing it with a broadcast of static and whispers controlled by Zimmers.

Now known as TV Head, Arnold roams the twisted corridors of the Cecil Hotel. The happy and jovial man he once was has been replaced with a monstrous creature, trapped in an eternal loop of static and madness. His existence serves as a chilling reminder of Dr. Zimmers' malevolence and the lengths he will go to ensure the Cecil Hotel remains under his control.



As John explores the haunted halls of the Cecil, the dark and malevolent energy of the hotel taps into his inner turmoil, manifesting his younger self as a guiding voice. The haunting echoes of his own past and regrets intertwine with the supernatural forces at play, creating a unique connection between his present self and the innocent young man he once was.

John's younger self becomes a symbol of his lost innocence and the hope that had once filled his heart. Through their conversations, John is forced to confront his unresolved emotions and reconcile with his perceived failures. His younger self serves as a reminder of the love he shared with Sarah and the importance of forgiveness and self-redemption.

The haunting presence of his younger self also reflects the powerful bond between John and Sarah, as they navigate the horrors of the Cecil together. It is a testament to their enduring love and resilience in the face of unimaginable darkness, as John seeks to rescue Sarah and find redemption in the process.

This connection between John and his younger self creates a dynamic and introspective element to the game, allowing players to delve deeper into the emotional journey of the protagonist and his quest to rescue Sarah.

How It Unfolded:

As John and Sarah settle into their hotel room, an unsettling noise emanates from outside. Concerned for their safety, John decides to investigate, leaving Sarah alone for a moment. Little does he know that this noise was a deliberate ruse orchestrated by Dr. Zimmers to lure him away.

While John is outside the room, desperately searching for the source of the disturbance, Sarah falls victim to a sinister plot. Unseen by John, she is silently abducted from their room by Dr. Zimmers and his cohorts. Panic sets in when John returns, only to find Sarah missing and a sense of foreboding hanging in the air.

Before he can comprehend the situation, John is ambushed from behind, struck forcefully on the head, and rendered unconscious. He awakens in a dimly lit, claustrophobic cell hidden behind a secret wall in Dr. Zimmers' office. Confused and disoriented, John realizes he has become a captive in the heart of the hotel's darkness.

As John struggles to regain his bearings and find a way to escape, he becomes increasingly aware of the insidious connection between Dr. Zimmers and Sarah's abduction. The doctor, fueled by his sadistic desires, seeks to use Sarah as the next victim in his unholy experiments.


Driven by his love for Sarah and fueled by a determination to save her, John embarks on a perilous journey through the twisted corridors of the Cecil Hotel. Along the way, he uncovers the haunting secrets hidden within its walls and encounters the malevolent forces that Dr. Zimmers has unleashed.

In this battle of wits and survival, John must outsmart Dr. Zimmers, navigate treacherous obstacles, and confront his deepest fears. The connection between John, Sarah, and Dr. Zimmers becomes a pivotal struggle between light and darkness, as John fights to rescue Sarah and put an end to the doctor's reign of terror before it's too late.

The Hotel Setting:

After Dr. Gene Zimmers took over the Cecil Hotel, a dreadful transformation swept through its corridors, turning it into a nightmarish realm of evil and despair. Every aspect of the once-great establishment fell victim to the doctor's unholy influence, leaving behind a haunting and twisted atmosphere.

Statues, once crafted with artistic skill and grace, were now perverted by Dr. Zimmers' malevolence. They stood as grotesque sentinels throughout the hotel, their contorted forms frozen in agony.

The walls, once adorned with beautiful artwork, became adorned with sinister paintings that whispered dark secrets. The subjects in these portraits twisted and warped, their features contorting into macabre visages of horror.

Rooms, once sanctuaries of comfort, were transformed into chambers of torment. The beds became cold and clammy, as if soaked in the lingering essence of suffering. Shadowy figures lurked in the corners, their presence causing an unshakeable sense of unease. The once-hospitable spaces had been turned into traps, where unsuspecting guests would encounter unimaginable horrors.

Secret passages, long forgotten, were now revealed, leading to hidden realms steeped in darkness. These concealed areas became the stage for Dr. Zimmers' unholy rituals and sadistic experiments. The air within these hidden chambers was heavy with malevolence, carrying the echoes of tormented cries and the stench of decay. The hotel's deepest secrets were now exposed, as its very foundations became infused with the doctor's twisted desires.


In the heart of Westmount, a quaint town shrouded in mystery, stood the infamous Cecil Hotel. Known for its eerie past and whispered tales of the supernatural, it was a place that beckoned the curious and the thrill-seekers. John and Sarah, a couple deeply fascinated by the paranormal, set out on what they thought would be a dream getaway—a chance to experience the thrill of staying at the Cecil Hotel.

Their journey began with excitement and anticipation, as they arrived at the hotel's ominous facade. Little did they know that their romantic escapade would soon turn into a nightmarish ordeal. As they settled into their room, a strange presence seemed to linger in the air. Unbeknownst to them, the dark forces that plagued the hotel were already conspiring against them.

In the dead of night, a disturbance outside their room startled John. Concerned, he went to investigate, only to be met with a horrifying sight—Sarah had been snatched away, her cries echoing through the desolate halls. Before he could react, a brutal blow to the head rendered him unconscious.

John awoke in a dimly lit, windowless cell, disoriented and filled with a sense of dread. He discovered that he was trapped behind a concealed wall in the office of the deranged Dr. Gene Zimmers, the mastermind behind the hotel's descent into darkness. Determined to rescue Sarah, John used his wits to unlock the cell door and venture into the foreboding depths of the hotel.

As he explored the twisted corridors and haunted rooms, John encountered the remnants of Dr. Zimmers' cruel experiments. The once-hospitable hotel had become a nightmarish maze, filled with grotesque statues, disturbing paintings, and remnants of rituals that defied comprehension. Along the way, he faced formidable adversaries—Olivia Quinn, the former housekeeper turned evil, and Raymond Gatts, the local butcher whose soul had been corrupted.

Guided by the haunting voice of his younger self, John confronted his deepest fears and regrets. Together, they navigated the treacherous puzzles and unearthed the dark secrets that bound the hotel and its malevolent inhabitants. Their connection served as a reminder of the love he shared with Sarah, now an innocent victim in the clutches of Dr. Zimmers' wicked machinations.

With each step, the truth unfolded, revealing Dr. Zimmers' descent into madness and the power he wielded over the hotel and its inhabitants. It was a battle against time, as John sought to unravel the mysteries, save Sarah, and put an end to the reign of darkness that gripped the Cecil Hotel.

In the heart-pounding climax, John confronted Dr. Zimmers, the embodiment of pure evil. The final showdown tested his courage and resolve, as he fought to rescue Sarah and bring an end to the horrors that had plagued the hotel for far too long. In the face of overwhelming darkness, John emerged victorious, reclaiming the hotel from the clutches of its twisted past.

As the dawn broke over the now peaceful Cecil Hotel, John and Sarah embraced, their love stronger than ever. Their harrowing journey had tested their bond, but it had also brought them closer, reminding them of the strength they possessed when faced with unimaginable horrors.

"The Cecil: The Journey Begins" is a chilling and suspenseful video game that takes players on a gripping quest through the darkest corners of the human psyche. With its immersive storyline, atmospheric setting, and mind-bending puzzles, players will be captivated by the mystery, suspense, and terror that await them. Can they guide John through the labyrinthine corridors, uncover the truth, and save Sarah from the clutches of the sinister Dr. Gene Zimmers? The fate of their love and the hotel

Raven, once a joyful little girl, tragically lost her life and happiness in the Cecil Hotel due to the nefarious actions of Dr. Zimmer. After being lured into his dark experiments, she was unable to escape and was eventually murdered. Now, as a ghost, Raven guides John through the hotel, her lost happiness a stark reminder of the hotel's sinister nature. Her spirit, bound to the hotel, seeks closure by helping John uncover the truth about the Cecil and Dr. Zimmer.

Cecil Layout ------

**Ground Floor:**

1. Main Lobby:

   - Checkered floor with carpet around the edges.

   - Reception desk with a plant, telephone, computer, books, and a reception bell.

   - Couches and tables with vases and decorative items.

   - Chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

   - Paintings and pictures on the walls.

   - Front door (locked) with a painting above it.

   - Stairwell leading to the second floor.

2. Dr. Zimmer's Office:

   - Dimly lit room with a desk in the middle.

   - Work bag, radio, old-style lamp, broken fan, postcard, tape recorder, surgical instruments on the desk.

   - Leather couch, marble table, paintings, and bookshelves in the room.

   - Doorway with a curtain leading to the second part of the office.

3. Dark Hallway:

   - Located next to Dr. Zimmer's office.

   - Dimly lit hallway leading to an elevator.

   - Door on the right leading to a swimming pool area.

4. Ballroom:

   - Accessed through a door across from Dr. Zimmer's office.

   - Checkered floor with scattered broken plates, vases with flowers, and placemats.

   - Last Supper painting above a table with cups, plates, and reception trays.

   - Grand piano in one corner.

   - Paintings of statues on one side of the room.

5. Wine Cellar:

   - Accessed through a door in the ballroom.

   - Rows of wine racks on both sides, organized into four parallel rows.

   - Chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

   - Dust-covered wine bottles with faded labels.

   - Aged oak scent in the air.

**Second Floor:**

1. Library:

   - Reached via a stairwell between the East Wing and West Wing doors.

   - Tall bookshelves filled with books of various genres.

   - Reading tables and chairs, large windows, rolling ladders.

   - Ancient tomes displayed in glass cases, marble busts, sculptures.

   - Cozy reading nooks with plush armchairs.

2. Maintenance Room:

   - Accessed through a door near the East Wing.

   - Shelves lined with cleaning products, tools, and equipment.

   - Storage cabinets, workbench with a vice, overhead lighting.

   - Utility sink and an electrical panel.

   - Work aprons and gloves hanging on hooks.

Certainly! Here's the updated description:

**Ground Floor:**

- Z-Shaped Hallway:

   - Located next to the ballroom door and the staircase in the lobby.

   - A long hallway with a zigzag shape leading to the hotel rooms area.

   - Dimly lit with wall sconces casting a soft glow.

   - Carpeted floor with a subtle pattern.

**Hotel Rooms Area:**

- Located beyond the Z-shaped hallway on the ground floor.

- Consists of a long hallway with five rooms per floor.

- Each room has a wooden door with a key lock for entry.

- The hallways on each floor, where the rooms are located, have wooden flooring.

- The wooden flooring in the hallways adds a touch of elegance and enhances the hotel's ambiance.

- The hallway is dimly lit, creating a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere.

- Carpet runners line the hallway, reducing noise and providing a contrast against the wooden floor.

- The room numbers on each floor range from 01 to 05. For example, on the first floor, the rooms are numbered 101 to 105. On the second floor, the rooms are numbered 201 to 205, and so on.

- There are elevators located on the first floor and the fifth floor of the hotel rooms area.

- The elevator on the first floor provides access to the upper floors, from the first to the fifth floor.

- The elevator on the fifth floor allows players to descend directly to the first floor.

**Third Floor - Room 305 and Attic:**

- Room 305:

   - Located on the third floor of the hotel rooms area.

   - Wooden door with a key lock for entry.

   - Inside the room, there is a sense of eerie stillness and silence.

   - The room appears empty, with no furniture or decorations.

   - Dim lighting casts long shadows across the wooden floor.

   - A feeling of foreboding permeates the air, hinting at something hidden within.

   - Behind the door of Room 305, a narrow staircase is revealed.

- Staircase to the Attic:

   - The staircase is accessed through Room 305 on the third floor.

   - It is a long and winding staircase, leading up to the attic of the hotel.

   - The staircase is made entirely of wood, with steps that creak underfoot.

   - The atmosphere grows increasingly darker and more oppressive as you ascend.

   - At the top of the staircase, the entrance to the attic awaits.

- Attic:

   - The attic is a vast and open space, stretching out under the sloping roof.

   - The attic is entirely constructed of wood, with wooden beams and floorboards.

   - The atmosphere is heavy, with an oppressive stillness and a faint smell of dust.

   - In the center of the attic stands a towering and unsettling statue.

   - The statue resembles a bird-like or duck-like creature, its imposing presence dominating the room.

   - A weathered book rests at the base of the statue, hinting at hidden knowledge or a dark secret.

   - Soft, filtered light streams through the small attic windows, casting eerie shadows.

**Top Floor Hotel Suites**

- Reception Office:

  - Table with bottles, papers, and a taxidermy boar.

  - Laptop, books, lamp, picture, and a chair behind the desk.

  - Door leading to the Living Room.

**Living Room**

- Paintings: Young man, old man, and old woman.

- Two couches, each with lamps.

- Lions on a table between the couches.

- Round table with a porcelain statue.

- Grandfather clock in the corner.

- Fireplaces with bookshelves.

- Table with a phono record player, phone, and candles.

**Grand Hallway**

- Windows and doors.

- Painting at the end of the hallway.

- Table with a bust statue.


- Accessed through a door from the Grand Hallway.

- Grass area with steps leading up to a statue.

- Lamps and a table in the courtyard.

**Dining Room**

- Accessed through a door from the Grand Hallway.

- Two women statues with light bulbs.

- Painting on the wall.

- Long table with plates, cups, and chairs.

**Intermediate Room Stairwell**

- Accessed through a door from the Grand Hallway.

- Stairwell with a banister.

- Pictures, lamps, tables, and doors leading to various rooms.

**Suite Kitchen**

- Accessed through a door at the top of the Intermediate Room Stairwell.

- Modern appliances, stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink.

- Dining area with a table and chairs for four.

Suite Bedroom:

- Located off the intermediate hallway.

- Contains a table with paintings and an easel.

- Three windows with two empty paintings.

- Furnace for heating the room.

- King-sized bed with a Taxidermy deer mounted above it.

- Two desks with lamps.

- Small plant on one of the desks.

- Additional door and a sofa chair.

Suite Bathroom:

- Accessed through the door located next to the table with the three mirrors in the intermediate hallway.

- Upon entering, you notice a table with a briefcase, books, and an ashtray on the right side.

- On the left and right walls, there are shelves filled with boxes and storage items, resembling a portable closet.

- The bathroom itself is dingy and dirty, creating an eerie atmosphere.

- Towards the back of the room, there is a bathtub with an old-style faucet.

- Adjacent to the bathtub, there is a mirror and sink on the right side.

- On the left side, there is a toilet.

- In front of the bathtub, there is a window that allows faint light to enter the room.

- Additionally, there is a desk with miscellaneous items and a furnace present in the bathroom.

John and Sarah's House

First Floor:

-Living room

-Couch, lamps, TV, table, front door


-Connects living room to other rooms

-Has table with plants and pictures on walls


-Sink, fridge, calendar, table, basement door


-Truck, work tables

Grandmother's bedroom

-Bed, TV, desk, closet


-Accessed via kitchen door

-Boxed items and clutter

-Sink, furnace, washing machine

-Strange Mirror

Second Floor:

-Staircase from living room leads up

-Sarah's bedroom (off-limits)


-Ladder in hallway ceiling leads to attic


-Accessed via ladder on second floor

-Must climb up into it

Under Basement area ( House):

- Jail Cells

(Main ending for house scene is for john to find a mirror 

that he talks to that takes him back to the hotel.)